La caja de cristal

Un nuevo modelo de museo

La caja de cristal - Juan Carlos Rico - Trea
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What do we do when we do not like what we have and want to replace it with something new, but do not know how it should be? This question, which seems so obvious, is representing the word crisis is more momentous than it seems at first glance, in any field of knowledge and in particular architecture. The glass box is a collective research program that tries to find an abstract spatial prototype (not located in any specific plot, but easily modified to accommodate any) to define the new organization of all the components that come to replace the program and obsolescence of the current museum. Its name refers to a double meaning: first, the conceptual transparency; on the other, the space. The first seeks to reflect in a clear manner the entire process that generates the project. Physics tries to transparency via a high visual spatial organization permeability viewer museo.Consta all more


Book: La caja de cristal

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