La cantidad estética

Ensayos sobre filosofía del arte

La cantidad estética - Georg Simmel - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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The essays on the bliss of art, which are offered here for the first time in Spanish, constitute a substantive part of the work of the Berlin sociologist and philosopher, who reflects on the "qualitative" individualities of the great artists (from Michelangelo to Rodin; from Leonardo de Vinci to Impressionism and Expressionism, from Dante and Goethe to Stefan George), as well as the task of philosophizing that returns to the concrete objects of art and its audiences.
In his accurate diagnosis of time, Simmel points out the resistance of art against the accelerated fragmentation of existence, and the aesthetic problem of quantity in the artistic work, which is accompanied by the growing predominance of the quantitative over the qualitative in one's own life. Overcoming through the totality that is proper to the work of art in the face of the fragmentation of our empirical lives? more




Book: La cantidad estética

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