La casa de las metáforas

Ensayos sobre la periferia de las artes y la arquitectura

La casa de las metáforas - Delfín Rodríguez Ruiz - Abada Editores
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Abada Editores
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This book is a house of metaphors built with historical materials, sometimes solid, sometimes fragile or ephemeral, even imaginary. Uncertain architecture, a similar house is only possible, in this case, by the order of its pages and, at the same time, by the disorder of its contents spilled and missed among each other by rooms and impossible or broken spaces. And this book can be inhabited or, at least, traversed as if it were a labyrinth. That is, knowing that a subtle thread links every corner, every element of architectural language, every color or construction material, arranged in the form of stories and unfinished stories.


Book: La casa de las metáforas

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