La ciudad siempre gana

La ciudad siempre gana - Omar Robert Hamilton - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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The city always wins puts the reader at the forefront of a revolution. Immersed in the 2011 uprising of Tahrir Square - like thousands of young people protesting against the dictatorship despite police repression -, Mariam, Khalil and Hafez walk the hectic streets of Cairo, a city in full revolt. They are, they are convinced, part of an unstoppable historical transformation: “We have been doing the same for hundreds of years. Marching, fighting, chanting, dying, winning, losing ... This time it will be different. This time the future can still be remade ».

Khalil has traveled from the United States to fight alongside his own. Mariam attends to the wounded, supplies the infirmary and collaborates to free the opponents who have been arrested. Hafez documents the fighting and uses social networks as an instrument of complaint. As the dictatorship falters and as the nation cracks more


Book: La ciudad siempre gana

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