La cocina de la escritura

La cocina de la escritura - Daniel Cassany - Anagrama
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I am happy to introduce you to The Kitchen of Writing, a writing manual for all those who write - or should write! If you are employees of a company and have to write, whether they are students who play the future in the exams, teachers who correct them or potential writers, this can be a book with which to learn to write, which can reach Wanting and who will surely end up hating. If you are fascinated by writing, if you hate writing, or if you start laughing by reading what others write, this book can help you experience those emotions much sharper. The kitchen gathers the most important of the Western tradition in writing. It exposes the most relevant scientific research; Strategies for searching, ordering, and developing ideas; The structure of the text, or some rhetorical tricks to dazzle the reader. With them they can learn the technique of writing ... but, disengage yourself, more


Book: La cocina de la escritura

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