La condición humana

La condición humana - Hannah Arendt - Paidós
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At the same time historical analysis and political proposal of wide philosophical scope, The human condition is not only the key to all the works of Hannah Arendt, but also a basic text to understand where the contemporary is heading.
The present book is a penetrating study on the state of humanity in the contemporary world, viewed from the point of view of the actions of which it is capable. It proposes a consideration of the human condition from the advantageous point of view of our most recent fears and experiences. The essay draws a conception of man that is strictly incompatible with totalitarianism, and which in turn allows us to lay the foundations for a new idea of history in the world. That it depends on the men themselves that this appears as a desolating contingency, that is, that at any moment we can return to barbarism.



Book: La condición humana

ISBN: 9788449331633