La cultura escrita

La cultura escrita - José Manuel Prieto - Catarata
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Any written material used today is the debtor of attitudes, techniques and ancestral gestures that have helped shape the evolution of one of the most powerful means and objects of communication: writing and, with it, that of one of its main supporters: the book. However, all of the above would not have matured or acquired its own effectiveness without the intangible and almost enigmatic resource of reading: that exercise of personal freedom and intellectual commitment that, like no other, floods our lives with substantial and lasting content, as well as expressive and emotional values. Without purporting to encompass the complete field of so-called written culture, the aim of this book is to articulate some minimal ideas that during the various historical stages shaped it: material representations, means of production, distribution and reception of texts, as well as transfers of more


Book: La cultura escrita

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