La cultura museística en tiempos difíciles

La cultura museística en tiempos difíciles -  AA.VV. - Trea
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In the past, museums were the result of patient research work of scholars, scholars or amateurs; but in Spain there was another time, not so long ago, in which they were ignorant and arrogant who built and designed museums. Thus, it went from a type of museum objects and patiently rec uperados investigated but poorly exposed, to a museum without objects, without any research on which that idea, but with a magnificent plumage. Museums, like parrots, talking to the public, but will not transmit anything. And in the same way that highways and high speed trains without passengers and airport without airplanes were built in Spain also museums were built without ideas or objects. The result of this cultural coven of witches real feast, magnificent buildings have been inhabited by the cobwebs. Unsustainable, useless, another function to feed the pockets of speculation that grips not the more


Book: La cultura museística en tiempos difíciles

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