La dama de picas

La dama de picas - Alexander Pushkin - Gadir
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The Lady of Spades is one of the most famous stories of Alexander Pushkin, considered the father of Russian romanticism and inspiring of many of the best authors of the 19th century "the golden age of Russian literature." The central issue of the story is greed, and the avatar of the official player catches us from the first moment Mystery, fantastic elements, and the enormous narrative quality of Pushkin make this little gem an essential work of Russian literature of the nineteenth century. Marta Ponce's illustrations illuminate the story.

Alexander Pushkin (Moscow, 1799 - St. Petersburg, 1837) was the most important writer of Russian romanticism and who introduced this movement in his country. He was a great innovator of Russian literature in the first half of the nineteenth century, and had great influence in later generations. He wrote poetry, theater, novel, stories and more




Book: La dama de picas

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