La dejación de España

Nacionalismo, desencanto y pertenencia

La dejación de España - Helena  Béjar - Katz
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Is there "Spanish pride"? Is Spain an emotional reference for Spaniards, or has national sentiment shifted to the nationalisms of stateless nations? In this work, Helena Béjar studies the political language of nationalism by concentrating on the sense of belonging and, as a result of a two-year investigation with organized discussion groups throughout the country, detects and describes four ideological discourses. First, the discourse of Spanish nationalism or "traditional Spanishism, which has Spain as an explicit main reference and sustains a nationalism of conservative roots"; secondly, neo-Spanishism, "which understands Spain more as a state than as a nation." Then, the moderate nationalist discourse, which expresses "a mixed concept of nation, simultaneously cultural and civic"; and finally, the sovereign nationalist discourse, present "in the Basque Country, and which demands more


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Book: La dejación de España

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