La dificultad de vivir Vol. I

Familia y sentimientos. El psicoanálisis y la prevención de las neurosis

La dificultad de vivir Vol. I - Françoise Dolto - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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The reader will find in the present book, written in a direct and rigorous way, texts intended for the non-specialized public that examine all the issues that affect their life in community and family: the psychic avatars of the child from birth to adulthood , criticism of contemporary pedagogy and the picture of life in large cities, and a general essay on the social function of psychoanalysis in the prevention of neuroses. This fundamental work in the bibliography of Françoise Dolto is presented in two volumes: 1. Family and feelings. The psychoanalyst and the prevention of neurosis 2. Psychoanalysis and society


Book: La dificultad de vivir Vol. I

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