La dimensión mítica

Ensayos selectos 1959-1987

La dimensión mítica - Joseph Campbell - El hilo de Ariadna
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El hilo de Ariadna
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The selection of writings in The Mythical Dimension provides us with an essential synthesis of Joseph Campbell's thought, the keys to his mythological philosophy. Campbell does not conceive of myth as an infantile and primitive discourse of the beginnings; on the contrary, it considers mythology as the living memory of culture: the most beautiful symbolic treasure of humanity, which has been expressed in literature, art, religion and the traditions of wisdom in all times and in all ages. civilizations.

In the essays contained in this volume, the mythological meanings that answer the fundamental questions of existence are developed: what is the meaning of human life in the face of suffering and death, how can understanding be opened to the mystery of the cosmos, what it is the authentic support of the social order, what relationship the human being has with his psyche. more


Book: La dimensión mítica

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