La dimensión oculta

La dimensión oculta - Edward T. Hall - Siglo XXI Editores
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Siglo XXI Editores
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What are the biological substructures from which certain aspects of human behavior arise?
The hidden dimension reveals the fact that man is first and foremost a member of the animal kingdom and as such, a prisoner of his biological organism. But this book deals with the experience modified by culture, that is, the deep experiences shared by members of a given culture and serve as the basis for communicating any event. The author intends, in this analysis of man's use of the space he maintains between himself and his fellow men, and that which he constructs around himself in the home and work, to increase the identification of the individual with himself, and to intensify the experience And diminish alienation. Hence his theme is the personal space and the perception that man has of him. Here the author invents a new, proxemic voice, which designates the interrelated more


Book: La dimensión oculta

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