La fiesta de los pájaros

La fiesta de los pájaros - Alice Bjerknes Lima de Faria - Barbara Fiore Editora
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Barbara Fiore Editora
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The birds are having a super fun party and everyone has been invited. Well ... all but Flaps. And just because it is a nocturnal animal and the party will be in the morning! Flaps is so upset that she decides to steal the invitation from Mark, her best friend, to show that she can also stay awake during the day. But the party is not as pleasant as Flaps expected ...

Alice Lima de Faria has created a peculiar story about friendship, jealousy and the importance of learning to feel comfortable with yourself. An illustrated album where the icy pink of the day is contrasted with the dark tones of the night to show us that opposites can also be found and that friendship can arise where one least expects it.

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Book: La fiesta de los pájaros

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