La forma inicial

La forma inicial - Ricardo Piglia - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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In one of the texts that make up the initial form, Ricardo Piglia writes: "Faulkner said something that I repeat because it seems extraordinary to me:" I wrote Noise and Fury and I learned to read "; That is, that writing fiction - at least a certain type of fiction - changes the way of reading. Perhaps without warning, Piglia offers us a key to try to approach his monumental work, which undoubtedly makes him one of the main contemporary writers, in the sense that the Piglia narrator and the Piglia reader are inseparable to the point of To form the two sides of that literary whole to which thousands of readers in different parts of the world have approached. Perhaps as nobody from Borges, Piglia claims above all reading as a pretext and foundation of writing itself, as if it were an irresistible addiction that has been able to sate only by dividing its time equally between reading as more



Book: La forma inicial

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