La guerra contra las mujeres

La guerra contra las mujeres - Rita Segato - Traficantes de sueños
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Traficantes de sueños
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Tapa Blanda

The last decades, a period of neoliberalism and the authoritarian turn of the forms of government, have also been marked by increasing violence against women. The systematic murders of Ciudad Juárez have become a planetary-scale trial, overflowing where the state has broken down into its traditional sovereign functions. The exacerbated capitalism, product of a modernity-coloniality never surpassed, is now unloaded in the new wars against women, destroying society as well as their bodies. Understanding this new violent turn of patriarchy, which Segato rightly considers the first structure of domination in the history of humanity, implies moving it "from the edge to the center." According to the author, only through a revitalization of the community and a re-politicization of the domestic will it be possible to stop femigenocide today. At stake is nothing less than the future of more


Book: La guerra contra las mujeres

ISBN: 9788494597855