La habitacion cerrada

La habitacion cerrada - Paul Auster - Anagrama
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The narrator and Fanshawe had known each other since they were very young. Before they were seven, they had already pricked their fingers with a pin and had become blood brothers. They were always together, sharing thoughts, and it was Fanshawe's face that the narrator saw every time he looked away from himself. But that was a long time ago, in the remote territory of childhood. Then they grew up, went to different places, distanced themselves and now Fanshawe is nothing more than a ghost that the narrator, a young critic and journalist who has already abandoned the idea of ​​writing a great book, carries within himself. Until one day he receives a letter from Fanshawe's wife. He goes to see her, discovers that his friend mysteriously disappeared months ago and left two suitcases full of manuscripts he never wanted to publish. And a message for his former friend, or perhaps a more




Book: La habitacion cerrada

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