La habitación de Pascal

Ensayos para fundamentar éticas de suficiencia y políticas de autocontención

La habitación de Pascal - Jorge Riechmann - Catarata
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In this Pascal Room we reflect on how to channel the impetus for self-transcendence of the human being (or perhaps moderate, or slow it down), today dangerously magnified by a promising technoscience; how to conceive of sufficiency ethics and self-containment policies in the era of the global socio-ecological crisis; in short, how to think about the human condition and the encounter with each other in circumstances of "full world". The finitude of the biosphere should constantly forward us to a reflection on human finitude. The ecological-social crisis we face today is an opportunity to face the learning that really matters: what it means to be human, how to live humanely on this Earth. This work completes a "pentalogy of self-containment" (the primitive trilogy ended up giving five volumes), published in this same editorial and ordered as follows: 1. A vulnerable world, 2. more


Book: La habitación de Pascal

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