La huerta

y el origen de las cosas

La huerta - Rubén Uceda - Akal
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La Huerta is the story of a group that decides to put into practice the ideas of agroecology and self-management. The author worked as a farmer in a similar collective for years; Based on his own experiences and on numerous talks and interviews with other farmers and consumers, he recreates actions, debates, events and atmospheres that characterize this movement, with depth, love and humor. It is also the story of the intense struggle of the residents of a town, where the collective has its garden, to prevent real estate speculation from destroying their pasture.

The garden and the origin of things is a fable about what we are, what we were and what we could be. A look at the countryside as a space in struggle for a different tomorrow, ecological, respectful and in harmony with the environment.


Book: La huerta

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