La humanidad en peligro

La humanidad en peligro - Fred Vargas - Siruela
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“This is the most terrible crime Fred Vargas has ever written about, and she didn't make it up. An essay-manifesto on climate change in which he radiographs the planet's (poor) health and proposes urgent solutions to heal the wound before the body of the crime is left with only an autopsy. Assuming someone is left alive to do it.
Letras Corsarias Bookstore, Salamanca

«Yesterday I started and finished reading Humanity in Peril. It is a tremendous, direct, simple and engaging book ”.
Grant bookstore, Madrid

«This crime has all the classic elements of the greats: passion, money and ambition. A warning, it is not solved by punishing the murderer, a relentless serial killer, this crime has only one resolution, better, two: either we learn how to stop the criminal or we will be one more of the murderer's victims. They say that this is not a detective novel, but more


Book: La humanidad en peligro

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