La invención de la heterosexualidad

La invención de la heterosexualidad - Jonathan Ned Katz - Me cayó el veinte
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Me cayó el veinte

Jonathan Ned Katz received the Bill Whitehead Publishing Triangle Award for his career in the lesbian and gay literature and Brudner Prize Yale University to outstanding researchers lesbian -gay , bisexual and transgender studies is given . He is the author of Gay American History: Lesbians and Gay Men in the U.S.A., the first documentary history of homosexuality in the United States ; Gay / Lesbian Almanac and Love Stories: Sex Between Men before Homosexuality . He has taught at Yale University in Eugene Lang College and the University of New York , led a seminar for the faculty of Princeton University . He has lectured at numerous college campuses. His articles and reviews have appeared in The Village Voice, The Nation and The Advocate .

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Book: La invención de la heterosexualidad

ISBN: 9786077694106