La letra escarlata

La letra escarlata - Nathaniel Hawthorne - El hilo de Ariadna
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El hilo de Ariadna
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In the annals of the town of Salem, in Massachusetts, it is recorded that, in 1694, the judges adopted a law considered adultery a crime and prescribed that, for the rest of their lives, the guilty pair had to use the letter a sewn to their clothes. The idea of ​​writing a story about a woman sentenced to use the mark of his crime as stigma had an exceptional interest to Hawthorne. While your family history qualified him as a neighbor eminent New England, he had reason to be considered a traitor to their traditions. Clearly, Hawthorne believed that the writing of The Scarlet Letter was an act of atonement, an act designed to recognize inherited guilt, and put distance between himself and his Puritan ancestors.


Book: La letra escarlata

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