La Máquina Hamlet-Die Hamletmaschine

La Máquina Hamlet-Die Hamletmaschine - Heiner Müller - Cifra editorial
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Cifra editorial
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Soft cover

La Cifra Editorial presents an artistic, bilingual and luxury edition of La Máquina Hamlet, whose design was carried out by the editorial designer Roxana Deneb. The Hamlet Machine is published for the first time in Spanish with the consent of the heirs of the great German master Heiner Müller. It is a re-reading of Shakespeare's classic Hamlet, which becomes a theatrical / narrative / experimental text that conflicts with the values of the modern cultural and textual tradition, proposing a disorganized text that confronts and annihilates the mediated and mechanized society.


Book: La Máquina Hamlet-Die Hamletmaschine

ISBN: 9789709532630
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