La melodía del joven divino

La melodía del joven divino - Carlo Michelstaedter - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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Gathered in this anthology entitled The melody of the divine young man, the thoughts, stories and criticisms that are here offer the interpretative keys to understand the mystery of Carlo Michelstaedter and its radical and solitary existence. Of a surprising philosophical and literary power, these texts possess a clear intention of resignation and a combative attitude, that reveal the character of a man misunderstood even for himself. The melody of the divine young man is at the level of his masterpiece, Persuasion and Rhetoric. Its fragmentary nature gives it at times a greater strength. Michelstaedter reveals himself as a persuaded, someone who does not consume life present in the longing for a future that never comes. He criticizes virulently the bourgeois society that has usurped power through the thirst for profit, which has the need of science to codify the abomination of its more


Book: La melodía del joven divino

ISBN: 9788496867901