La mirada en psicoanálisis

La mirada en psicoanálisis - Juan  David Nasio - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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The subject of the gaze took the author for two years at a seminar in Paris and later in his work in Buenos Aires.  Since Freud and from their developments, the scopic issue is one of the most important concerns for psychoanalysis.  This book is a specific and careful contribution to the study of the "object" peculiar, like so many others for psicoancílisis- overflowing perhaps the field of words.  Our present text retains all the freshness of the above, respects your time, follow the paths of dialogue author and audience. Have been preserved in it the way and the peculiar style of who runs, without trying to make the same text-letter that was not originally. Their initial destination was not such but, however, decided well.




Book: La mirada en psicoanálisis

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