La música barroca

Música en Europa occidental, 1580-1750

La música barroca - John Walter Hill - Akal
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In this complete and penetrating analysis of Baroque music, the author assumes the role of social historian, cultural anthropologist, musicologist and narrator, with his description of the cultural, social and political forces of the moment, to offer readers A context that is essential to appreciate to the right extent the musical achievements and innovations that took place in the space between 1580 and 1750. From the Holy Empire to the territories of Hispanic America, from opera to oratory, from the cantata To the sonata, from theory to improvisatory practices, his pages analyze the main genres, forms and styles that marked musical evolution for more than two centuries, with the main protagonists: Purcell, Corelli, Vivaldi, Lully , Rameau, Händel ... until reaching the immense figure of Johann Sebastian Bach, which closes this intense and dynamic period of the history of Western more


Book: La música barroca

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