La música del siglo XIX

La música del siglo XIX - Carl Dahlhaus - Akal
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One of the most relevant figures in international musicology was, without a doubt, Carl Dahlhaus (1928 -1989). Historian and essayist, he followed the revolutionary ideas of the French structuralist historians-Fernand Braudel-and was a staunch defender of the critical theory of the circle of Frankfurt-Walter Benjamin. With an innovative musical story, Dahlhaus contributed to enrich the research in the field of musicology, and managed to maintain in a fair balance the history of music and disciplines corresponding to history, history theory and historiography. He drew new and innovative lines in musical research, such as, for example, including aesthetics as the central discipline of musicology, creating an intellectual framework that embraced the history and analysis of twentieth-century avant-garde music. We can not ignore in this review that its methodological plurality was harshly more


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Book: La música del siglo XIX

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