La música en el castillo del cielo

Un retrato de Johann Sebastian Bach

La música en el castillo del cielo - John Eliot Gardiner - Acantilado
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Johann Sebastian Bach is one of the most enigmatic and complex history of music composers. How is it possible that such an apparently common, opaque and sometimes irritable, man was able to create a work so sublime? Gardiner has played and studied Bach from his early youth until today, and is now one of its most renowned artists. This book presents the fruits of his extensive experience as a director, and not only reveals the keys to understand and appreciate the compositions of Bach-the ideas that guided, structures and the effects they have on the listeners, but also all that is possible to know the man he was. With this remarkable essay, John Eliot Gardiner invites us to deepen the work and the spirit of one of the most brilliant artists of all time.



Book: La música en el castillo del cielo

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