La negación de la luz

La negación de la luz - Juan Antonio Masoliver Ródenas - Acantilado
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In this new book, Juan Antonio Masoliver Ródenas brings together two collections of poems, «The denial of light» and «The cemetery of the gods», in which he elaborates his poetic universe of maturity, impregnated with eroticism and vitality, but also with nostalgia and tear: «Look around | what others capture with memory. | Not with the look: with the eyes. | Go back beyond the past | to the caves of flint and signs | […] Convert matter into motion, | the air in score, | life in a mural where they dance | the mothers of the first woman | among the swarm of little men with hats | lost in the mazes of nowhere, | the world in a trunk with fish | of mother-of-pearl, seeds, carob fl owers, | horse eyes and teeth. | Look at the void, | fill it with strokes, with weeds | and return to the attics of Àger | where a mother sleeps | in oblivion, between shades of ink | and Indian flutes, cradled more


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Book: La negación de la luz

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