La noche estrellada

La noche estrellada - Jimmy Liao - Barbara Fiore Editora
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Barbara Fiore Editora
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At that time, the remote future was something indefinite, I did not know what name to give to my vain illusions. She used to be alone, wandering through endless streets, and when the wind picked up I felt like leaf litter. I was staring up at the starry sky, wanting to know if there was someone somewhere in the world heading my way. It was like light, going from one star to another. Then you showed up. And then we parted ways. We expected youth, but we were wrong about each other.

The Starry Night is the story of a girl whose circumstances lead her to feel lonely and misunderstood by her parents, who. After the death of her grandfather, she takes refuge in a world of imagination. But everything changes with the arrival of a new classmate, a lonely and melancholic boy. Together they will discover the power of friendship and the beauty of sharing magical moments. The loneliness more

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Book: La noche estrellada

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