La nueva lucha de clases

Los refugiados y el terror

La nueva lucha de clases - Slavoj Zizek - Anagrama
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No, the philosopher is not in his ivory tower, elucubrando on transcendental abstractions. This manifesto - brief, direct, forceful - is a kind of emergency reflection on the present. An inquiry into half-truths about what is happening in Europe, where terrorist attacks of Islamic radicalism - like those of Paris - overlap with the arrival of a multitude of emigrants and refugees. Žižek, torrential and visceral, is not to put warm cloths, but to put the finger in the sore. And so, it raises that we can not stay in the mere regretful regret, in the compassion before the innocent victims, that we must go to the causes that generate the spiral of feedback between the Islamofascismo and the racism. To do this, it is necessary to overcome certain taboos of the left and at the same time denounce global capitalism that generates new forms of slavery, and to aerate the obscene subterranean more




Book: La nueva lucha de clases

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