La plaza principal, su entorno y su historia

La plaza principal, su entorno y su historia - Luis Barjau - Inah
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The history of the main square in Mexico is once again contemplated, but this time from the perspective of multiple disciplines that set their sights with their professional methods, to manifest the difference between the old indigenous metropolis and colonial New Spain. Those views belong to the most outstanding scholars of Mexican antiquity who, with a lifetime of research, provide the best version of a focus of culture that was born with the foundation of México-Tenochtitlan and that lasts to this day. This square concentrates not only the summary of the history of the nation, but also the key to the idiosyncrasy of the entire American continent, which deepened with its multiple peoples a vision of the world that has been and continues to be unique. Navel and primitive cave, theater stage of history, where it is possible to observe the mythical wonder of the foundation of the city, more




Book: La plaza principal, su entorno y su historia

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