La reina de los Cipayos

La reina de los Cipayos - Catherine Clément - Alevosía
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Catherine Clement, author of the bestseller The Trip of Teo, recreates the brief and hazardous life of Queen Jhansi, a free kingdom of central India in the mid-nineteenth century. She was a young widow of thirty years, impetuous and proud, who feared nothing or anyone. Her subjects called her Lakshmi Bai, and her close ones, Chabili, that is, the "Dear". But her enemies, the English, nicknamed her Jezebel or Joan of Arc, like the French witch. Chabili spearheaded the national liberation movement known as the "sepoy revolt," which tear-ed India, when indigenous soldiers called sepoys rose against the "white masters." The riots lasted two years, two terrible years of victories and massacres, commented from London by two correspondents: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. The queen of the junipers died as she fought, captaining her soldiers, dressed as a man, mounted on horseback, with a more



Book: La reina de los Cipayos

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