La Religiosa

La Religiosa - Denis Diderot - Akal
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Contrary to what has normally been believed, and hence its continuous prohibitions, The religious is not a criticism of the foundations of Christianity, nor is it a literary discourse that seeks to overthrow an entire ideology. The main purpose of this work by Diderot is to attack the vices that the closure generated in the French monasteries of his time. The protagonist of the play, Suzanne, is a young woman who has been forced by her parents to enter a convent. Her desire to break her vows and the moral and physical harassment to which she is subjected, serve Diderot to testify to the damage that fanaticism and the coercion of religious institutions, not true religion, cause in human nature. Unfortunately, the bad conscience of the ecclesiastical hierarchies of different times made it possible that for a long time such a beautiful novel, and despite the passage of time so current, more


Book: La Religiosa

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