La salud del medio ambiente

Diagnóstico y tratamiento

La salud del medio ambiente - Ana Muñoz van den Eynde - Catarata
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It seems increasingly clear that those who argue that our development model is the best of the possible ones are running out of arguments. Climate change, pollution, overexploitation of resources, inequality... Problems accumulate. Faced with this reality, we find a kind of widespread social trap: we worry about the deterioration of the planet and its consequences, but we are not able to find sufficient motivation to assume a more sustainable development model. However, given the seriousness of the situation, it seems that something is changing. Will it be the ultimate? Because how to explain our species' relationship with the environment, why does the emergence of an IPCC report generate a tsunami of concern, why how it goes? All these issues are addressed by this book. To do this, from a multidisciplinary approach that includes contributions from psychology, sociology or more


Book: La salud del medio ambiente

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