La sociedad del cansancio

La sociedad del cansancio - Byung-Chul Han - Herder
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The second edition, expanded with two new chapters, of the undisputed best seller of Byung-Chul Han, one of the most innovative philosophical voices of recent years. In this essay Han exposes one of his main theses: Western society is suffering a silent paradigm shift, an excess of positivity that is leading to a society of fatigue. According to the author, every era has its emblematic diseases. Thus, there is a bacterial epoch that comes to an end with the invention of the antibiotic. Despite the obvious fear of the flu pandemic, we do not currently live in the viral era. We have left it behind thanks to the immunological technique. The beginning of the 21st century, from a pathological point of view, would be neither bacterial nor viral, but neuronal. Depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), borderline personality disorder (BPD) or occupational burnout syndrome ( more


Book: La sociedad del cansancio

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