La técnica en psicoanálisis de niños

Conversaciones con Anna Freud

La técnica en psicoanálisis de niños -  AA.VV. - Editorial Gedisa
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The book with the story of the first child treated by Freud starts, following the birth of technical, fundamental currents that arise later and finally presented in the first part of the work, child psychoanalysis in Argentina. "My technique says the autora- had its roots in the created by Melanie Klein for the analysis of children, but my own experience has allowed me to make a number of changes that I consider momentous. It is based on a special form of drive and use . Interviews with parents, which makes it possible to reduce child psychoanalysis to a two-person relationship as adults also emphasize the importance of the first hour of play and a fact that I consider crucial: that all children, even the very small sample from the first session understanding of their illness and the desire to heal ". The second section is devoted to the exposition of this technique as it stands now: more


Book: La técnica en psicoanálisis de niños

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