La utopía posible

La utopía posible - Armando Bartra - Itaca
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Like Janus, the book has two sides: a sight at dawn and again at dusk, one celebrates the policy action and other questions its concept. Written on the fly, the eleven trials in the section entitled Political ongoing attempt to clarify the meaning of the political and social conflicts staged during a first PAN federal government is the "transition" to deal with the old regime and applause to boo; while the ten texts grouped under the title of the policy in question, and drawn to the roadside, cast a quick glance at the fortunes of the left in the Time of philanthropic ogre, committed to the democratization of democracy, claim social populism, discrete communities weighted cross-border migrants, are distinct from both abhor terrorism and racism as the illustrated vulgar, among other disquisitions

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Book: La utopía posible

ISBN: 9786077957089