La vida campesina en China

Una investigación de campo sobre la vida rural en el valle del yangtse

La vida campesina en China - Xiaotong Fei - Ibero
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Was rural institutions necessary to dismantle and lead to migration from the countryside to cities or abroad to modernize the Mexican economy? An alternative economic model was attempted in the mid-1930s in the face of new market demands. In Kaihsienkung, a village in the Yangtze River Delta, Fei Xiaotong identified those social, economic, cultural and political changes associated with the creation of rural industries complementary to agriculture; the mechanization of silk yarn allowed peasants to be employed in industry without leaving their communities. In his preface, Bronislaw Malinovsji emphasizes another of the merits of this singular work: it is an investigation into one of the great civilizations carried out not by a foreigner, but by a native of that society.

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Book: La vida campesina en China

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