La virtud en la mirada

Ensayo sobre la admiración moral

La virtud en la mirada - Aurelio Arteta Arteta - Pre-Textos
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The admiration of which we speak is the feeling of joy that comes within sight of any moral excellence and raises others in their desire to emulate viewer. She exhibits the best human possibilities, both already met by the admirable as that beat in this affection of her admirer being. That virtue which humanity can (because someone has shaped) admired and therefore also the self is capable. It is true that the top height of noblest might humble; but it is a lower risk next happy with that, to celebrate, we know people in a world that is also home to magnificent beings. With it flew daily miseries and We raise us even on that absolute disgrace that we propinará death. As a sign of our perfectible nature, this admiration for moral reasons betrays its subject the project, rather than being, worth and worth more; therethrough everyone sees and wants his best. Hence not only an emotion more


Book: La virtud en la mirada

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