Laberintos de la racionalidad

Laberintos de la racionalidad -  AA.VV. - Itaca
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In this book problematic manifestations and possible future horizons of the situation being experienced by today's humanity and the planet are examined.Interdisciplinary reflections offered by the authors in their contributions revolve around three main axes.On the one hand, an overall view of the characteristics of the dominant civilization project in crisis associated with modernity and the rationale behind it to show how the development of history has led to a crisis that has branched to all human areas is offered .On the other hand, with regard to the relationship between market and state, reflections on the role of consumption and social atomization, employment, education and environmental issues, as well as various proposals that revolve around the role of the state are tested.Finally, under the theme of the relationship between society and culture, the consequences of the more

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Book: Laberintos de la racionalidad

ISBN: 9786072802094