Lacan cortés

El fracaso cortés del amor

Lacan cortés - Jesús R. Martínez Malo - Me cayó el veinte
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Me cayó el veinte
Tapa Blanda

The end of love was a central theme in Lacan. Throughout more than twenty years of transmitting his teaching, he used it in different seminars and writings. Such was its importance that on January 8, 1974 he said: "I articulate this principle: that love is courteous love."

The subtitle of this book ventures an argument: The courteous failure of love. Lacan insisted on saying that "love is always giving what you do not have." He affirmed that courteous love, "more than any other, boasts of being the one who gives what he does not have" and that the end'love is a failed attempt to go further. Courteous love is, therefore, a very refined way of trying to replace the non-sexual relationship.
This book studies, one by one, the occasions when, between 1956 and 1977, he turned to this figure of love. It is, among other things, a testimony of those forty occasions in which he more



Book: Lacan cortés

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