Lady Nicotina

Del placer y del vicio de fumar

Lady Nicotina - James M. Barrie - Capitán Swing
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Capitán Swing
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Rústica con camisa

The snuff is one of the great icons of contemporary literature; many writers who have built part of his literary image around smoke or cigar as a literary character.

Apart from the controversial anti-smoking campaign today, authors such as James M. Barrie or Italo Svevo created unforgettable stories about the snuff and always accompanied his brilliant prose with such inspiring. In his writings abound both humorous and existential your dearest as his heroic fight as heavy smokers vice references: "For us, smokers, we are confident that the snuff does us no good and do not need to convince us of it because we continue to smoke because ... or rather without a reason. "



Book: Lady Nicotina

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