Las antiguas creencias armenias

Las antiguas creencias armenias - Avetis Aharonian - Auieo
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Tapa Blanda

The ancient Armenian beliefs, work written in French in 1913, is the reconstruction of the traditional Armenian world; crossing of legends between Asia and Europe, of cults and customs that descend, like living testimony, to the roots of the Indo-European culture. Throughout the ten chapters of the book, Avétis Aharonian describes with a simple language and rich in images, the main magical and religious elements found in Armenian customs, in their spiritual and moral life, and that it is still possible to see in the syncretism between the pagan substrate and Christianity. The cult of the ancestors and the dead, the fight against evil, the ancient Armenian city, are some of the themes that make up the synoptic picture of a society among the most conservative of the western world, and that, therefore, translates in an essential repertoire for the understanding of our history. The text more




Book: Las antiguas creencias armenias

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