Las antinomias del realismo

Las antinomias del realismo - Fredric Jameson - Akal
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The antinomies of realism is a story of the nineteenth-century realistic novel and its legacy. A story here told without an iota of nostalgia for artistic achievements that the movement of history itself makes impossible to recreate. The works of Émile Zola, Lev Tolstoy, Benito Pérez Galdós and George Eliot are - in the deepest sense of the term - inimitable, while still mastering the novel form to date. Some novels that sprout from the struggle to reconcile the social conditions of their own creation with the story in a way of writing; what in the Anglo-Saxon field is called "modernist novel" is, precisely, an attempt to solve this conflict, as is the commercial novel in any of its increasingly poor variants. When today, in any review, we read "literary novels" (or serious novels in English), we witness the attempt at what is an impossible task, to return to the past.

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Book: Las antinomias del realismo

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