Las bicicletas de Ámsterdam

falacias y paradojas económicas

Las bicicletas de Ámsterdam - Cándido Muñoz Cidad - Catarata
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Many accounts of gender pay discrimination, poverty, unemployment, trade gains for different countries, or judgments on public policies, such as austerity or outsourcing activities, are often fraught with apportionments. And the same can apply to judgments about capitalism or globalization. Economic discourse, in many areas, has been supplanted by repetition of opinions, in the form of slogans which, if they are not fallacious, at the very least are susceptible to complementary or different points of view.

The author considers that economics is not a vademécum of solutions, as some professionals and profane understand it, but a method of reflection, organization of ideas and approach to problems considering possible alternatives. He therefore believes that there are certain mental inertias that lead to repetitive economic discourses on aspects that, at the very least, are more


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Book: Las bicicletas de Ámsterdam

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