Las leyes de la interfaz

Diseño, ecología, evolución, tecnología

Las leyes de la interfaz - Carlos Scolari - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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When someone says "interface" we all think of an interactive screen, a keyboard or a joystick. That is the "user interface", the place where human beings interact with digital devices. If we extend this idea - the interface as the place of interaction - we will soon discover a world of relationships, hybridisations, competences and cooperations that marks the pace of the evolution of the great technological system. The laws of the interface propose an exploration of that universe from ten principles that help us to understand, in a simple way and with many examples - from the steam engine to the Macintosh, passing through knives, glasses or airplanes- the complexity of the sociotechnical network that surrounds us. The laws of the interface take the idea of ​​"interface" far beyond the digital and makes it a fundamental concept not only to understand but also to transform our more


Book: Las leyes de la interfaz

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