Las Tres negaciones de Yahvé

Religión y política en el antiguo Israel

Las Tres negaciones de Yahvé - Maria Daraki - Abada Editores
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Western civilization was born of the encounter and opposition between East and archaic traditions of two peoples, Greece and Israel. The Greeks opposed East in thoughts and actions, certainly, but from a distance. In the case of Israel, given its geographical location in the heart of East itself, the virulent rejection of the surrounding influence is manifested through the only possible way: the transcendent. The prophets of Israel faced the armed oriental technological revolution of a non-economic Weltanschauung, making the question of the art in one of the central themes of Jewish spirituality and one of the roots of monotheism. And there are Yahweh, Total and immanent God, while physical father first transcendental god of the religious history of mankind. But haughty, choleric, infinitely demanding towards some backsliding children, who never achieve satisfy



Book: Las Tres negaciones de Yahvé

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