Laura Méndez de Cuenca (1853-1928)

Nuevas estampas en torno a una escritora singular

Laura Méndez de Cuenca (1853-1928) - Leticia Romero - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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Laura Méndez de Cuenca (1853-1928) was singular in more than one way. In the Mexico of the late nineteenth century, whose ideology based on order and progress contrasted with the poverty and illiteracy of ninety percent of the population, Méndez was a person as cultured as solidarity with their environment. Professor and writer, was part of the select intellectual group that channeled the country, dealing with those who identified as the most vulnerable: children, women and indigenous people.

He was the heir of the fashionable positivism and triumphant liberalism after the war against the Second Empire. Her recognized work capacity and her cosmopolitan vein led her to live in the United States and Europe, carrying out various activities on behalf of the Mexican government. Polígrafa, wrote stories, essays, novels, poems and pieces for the scene; He also practiced journalism, more



Book: Laura Méndez de Cuenca (1853-1928)

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