Lectura y crítica

Lectura y crítica - Raymond Williams - Godot
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Reading and criticism is the first book written by Raymond Williams, in 1958. However, his work is only known from Culture and Society, published two years later. In Reading and criticism, which Godot Ediciones translates for the first time into Spanish, we can already observe the style and finesse with which Raymond Williams develops his theoretical proposal. "If we said that books have been constituted as objects-fetish in society Of course, this kind of behavior can be exhibited in the focus on reading that has received the title of "Pleasure in the Books." That approach is often shown as an example of mere indulgence and More importantly, it hides a resentment of criticism as an 'annoying pursuit of errors' activity, designed to take away one's pleasure, the consequence of which is that the study of literature should always be limited to a grateful recognition".




Book: Lectura y crítica

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